The Bans

Translation: Due to a DMCA request on the part of the StarLadder, the @FroggedTV is suspended from Twitch for 24 hours.

Many other smaller streams have received 24 hour bans including shokztv (German) and 23 creative (Vietnamese).

Previously there was expressed concern over GrandGrant streaming all NA/SA qualifiers whether he was the official streamer or not for the events, but it was concluded that the new contracts for this Pro Circuit season had no changes that would impact the streaming policy.

The Responses

Valve has had no official response, but many have internally discussed on whether there have been any changes to the streaming policy for the DotaTV in game viewing, for which there have not. Therefore we can assume Valve's Video Policy remains true.

Twitch also has yet to have an "official" statement on the matter, but it has been eluded by the VP of Strategy that their hands are tied by the DMCA laws.
Lastly leaves StarLadder, who by all means are the ones filing the DMCA claims, forcing Twitch to ban these streams. There has been no official statement, and probably won't be one until after the event.

The Verdict

Under Valve's policy, these DMCA claims are false and should entail some repercussions. That being said, there isn't a boat load of cases where the party filing false DMCA have had significant penalties. It would require legal action by the parties affected to actually see StarLadder punished for these false claims, and would most likely only be forced to make a public apology as any financial losses wouldn't really account for much. Submitting counter-DMCA could benefit those banned as it should remove the record of the ban from their accounts.

In an ideal world, Valve should step up to the plate and "fine" StarLadder for this misrepresentation of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit as this behavior is unbecoming of the community and is not the right direction we want to go. These smaller language specific streams are only positive for the community as they breach language barriers, enabling more viewers to enjoy the game. It's also quite shameful that the organizations Valve is working with don't have a basic understanding of Valve's own policies, which puts into question the professionalism of these events.

If StarLadder was able to work alongside BeyondTheSummit to provide a Spanish and Portuguese language stream for the event, the same could be done with other language streams. Going forward, Valve should establish policies with tournament organizers to create an avenue for other language specific streams like FroggedTV to contractually have broadcasting rights to stream these events. This could be the addition of a broadcaster ticket within the Dota 2 client as to not take away from the viewership of the organizers without any form of compensation.

October 13. 2017
Written by: DJWilma