The Legacy Cup

The old Dead with Friends, now The Legacy Cup, tries to stay true to its roots, keeping to the same basic format with the ultimate goal of surviving. That being said, we've added new way to earn points.

What's Changed?

First off, The Legacy Cup will be every Monday and Wednesday at 8PM (EST) live at OMW Production's Twitch Channel with the first episode October 12th. with each player recieving 2 lives per session. We've landed on 2 lives to negate the potential for elimination at the hands of chance, but still reducing from the original 3 to allow more opportunity for more players. Though you still earn the basic 20 points for every survival, the rest of the system has changed. Also now to compete, you must have an OMW Account and the check-in process is as simple as clicking the Check-In below. You can also keep track and share your Competitor Profile [CP], which is automatically generated on your first Check-In. Check-In begins 1 hour before broadcasting.

Point System

Points are accumulated through the game, but require an Escape to be given to a player for that round. Here are all the ways your can earn points this season:
  • 20 points - Escape
  • +30 points - Hatch
  • +50 points - Complete Weekly Challenge (once per week)
  • +100 points - Complete a Legacy Cup Achievement (one time for each achievement)

Monthly Final

Throwing away the potential for ally sabotage, the monthly final will not consist of surviving DJWilma's attempts at killing. The finals will mimic the successful Final Day event. That being a full day event with multiple sessions for survivors to take a shot at improving their ranking. Instead of just 3 sessions, the Final Day will be a 24 hours stream, with 6 3.5 hours sessions.


We wanted to sweeten the deal with increasing the prize pool the 50$, distributed among the top 3. The top 8 will also have their accounts upgraded to premium users until the end of the next season. Learn more about Premium Users here.