Get Good: Back from the Dead
March 6, 2017

After Get Good had a brief run in Dota 2, as a means of learning the heroes, the general concept of focusing on improving one's play felt like a strong subject for a series. So, back from the dead, Get Good will get new light as a small series of articles and videos from DJWilma's perspective on improving your play so you can "be a better gamer" (Day[9], 2012). Since we've expanded our roster of games massively, we will be curating pieces of each game, and when available, general tips on how to improve your gaming skills overall.

First try and break down the skills that make a player needs to succeed at your game of choice, whether that be game knowledge, APM, pointer accuracy, etc. Figure out which of these skills will have the largest impact and start working on that right away. Find resources online or in your home that could help you improve that skill. Record as much data as you can. Obviously you'll be busy practicing, but recording data will allow you to see how you have progressed, what are your key weaknesses, and allow you to take a step back from the game and look at how you play. Tracking every loss, and why you believe you lost can be incredibly crucial to identify short comings you didn't know existed. If you find out that every loss is because your team is garbage, and your just tilt, maybe find groups to play with, or learn to curb your attitude to something a little more team oriented. Having a positive attitude in a game, especially in a team environment is everything.

Also get more sleep, and try doing push ups when you wake up. It makes getting up easier, so you can dedicate more time to gaming. *hue hue*