Dota 2 Major/Minor Roster Lock Last Minute Changes

October 04. 2017
Written by: DJWilma

For those of you who weren't spamming "F5" on the Dota 2 Major and Minor Team Rosters page, you may not know what has been finalized for the initial roster lock.


Loda, captain of the TI winning roster, chose to come back to the scene much like many previous retirees and had been tweeting all yesterday explaining to fans that they are still in the process of tryouts to come back stronger than ever. This means we'll have no Alliance to compete in any Minors or Majors until the rosters are back open and their team is finalized.


I've grouped both their NA and SA teams for discussion purposes. DC.NA saw the departure of our beloved Canadian MoonMeander, the former captain of the team. Having explained how he was going be head back to offlane before releasing an official tweet that he was out of DC.NA. Unfortunately the former multi-Major winner would not find another team before the rosters locked for the season, and it would mean another Canadian would have to sit on the sidelines this season. He was replaced by the much beloved DeMoN after his former team TuHo disbanded without qualifying for any Minors or Majors.
As for DC.SA, there is a lot of potential controversy. The two Brazilian players left the team (hFn and KINGRD) after already qualifying for the PGL minor. From what I could tell, also never registered an official roster before the rosters locked as they were missing two players. If this doesn't disqualify them from the event, then what is the use of the roster lock to begin with? If it does, the spot would have to go to the qualifier's third place team Infamous, as the second place team Infamous Young disbanded. Nothing has been released publicly on the matter as of yet.

Valve's decision on the DC.SA will set a precedence for the new format, as last time teams broke the roster lock, they were sent down to the Open Qualifiers, but this is no longer relevant in this season's format.