Overwatch Uprising

Revisit Overwatch's Glorious Past
Overwatch Uprising in a new game mode available until May 1, 2017. It features a new loot box with various new skins and more, a 4 player co-op game mode that features King's Row in a new style, some story and achievements. Be sure to join our Discord Server and join in on some fun as we attempt to beat all the difficulties.
Travel back 7 years ago...
Taken back through the history of the Overwatch team, your mission takes place as one of the members of the strike team: Mercy, Tracer, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn. You'll be guided throughout your mission by other members of Overwatch and Blackwatch as you liberate the city from the rogue group of omnics, Null Sector. It's Tracer's first mission, so save the city, and destroy the threat!
Blue, Purple, and Black!
Seeing the previous uniforms of the Overwatch characters gives a cool feel of teamwork. Though to our disappointment, we do not earn access to Reaper's Blackwatch outfit as that is still reserved for the Origin's Edition owners, we do get the inclusion of Widowmaker, McCree, and Genji in the Blackwatch. Null Sector team colors are also available for your Omnic characters, and various other items!
4 Player Co-op
Ever like playing Left 4 Dead? Well welcome to Overwatch's L4D 4 Player Co-op. Each player has to play one of the four available heroes which each have difference in their parts they play.

Torbjorn is the main source of damage, has no major priorities except ensuring the most damage is given out. Set up the turret in good positions for holding the points, and on the payload when available. Since your teammate have specific priorities, try and keep things off the payload when possible, and use your ultimate usually when there is a large priority unit on the field (i.e. Detonator, Bastion, OR14-NS).

Tracer is able to get behind the enemy, and deal some significant damage as well. As Tracer, you'll want to focus on the Eradicator, by speeding behind them and targeting their shield arm. Also strafe behind the Bastions to maximize damage.

Reinhardt is your shield and method of dealing with larger issues. Reinhardt's charge is crucial in taking out Detonators, by waiting until they have approached the payload and charging them away. This also works on Bastions and Eradicators. For the most part though, you need to stop the damage from hurting your team. Keep your shield up, and wack away any of the Slicers if they approach.

Mercy heals. Keep your resurrection for when an ally dies during a wave of enemies. Healing is the most important, but you can boost up Reinhardt on his charges and swings in he's at full health to quicken the destruction of the Null Sector.